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A filk challenge community.

Filk-A-Thon: The Filk Challenge Community
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The Filk-A-Thon Community
[[ What? What's this? Huh? ]]

filkathon is an open community for the members of LiveJournal who write filk lyrics/filk music. (Don't know what filk is? The members of filk are likely to explain it best.) We especially love parody-filk, though any filk of any kind is welcome. The reason we're called Filk-A-Thon is because we run by months -- and for every month there is a new theme, or "challenge" to work with. The idea of having prizes for the different filks is in the works, but nobody's really quite sure.

Scared of fandom, filk or both? You can leave now, if you must. Interested? Keep reading. New members always welcome.

Current Challenge
The challenge for December will be set up asap. ^^

Join Filk-a-Thon
To join this community, one simply follows the standard process of joining LiveJournal communities -- go up top there and click where it says 'click here' after 'To join this community' -- makes sense, doesn't it?

Intro posts are welcome, but not required. You can just start posting filk instantly, if you like. What we'd rather not have are lurkers -- if you're going to join, post filk or at least comment on it a lot. If you only want to read, just watch the community, please.

Posting Guidelines
  • Intro posts. As stated above, we have no issue with intro posts describing yourself and experience with filk a little bit.
  • Membership requirements. All members should post at least once a month, though this isn't a requirement per se. If you're eternally idle, we'll just be sad, nobody's getting kicked out.
  • Types of Filk. Any fandom is welcome, as is politico-filk -- there have been, for example, many filks written about the botched election of 2000 in the USA. As for 'subject matter,' well, if it's heavily NC-17, put it behind a cut and give us a warning.
  • Post layout. Filk posts should look, for archiving purposes, mostly like this:
    NAME: The name of your filk.
    FANDOM: The fandom it's from. (making fun of actual events? tell us what event/person.)
    CHALLENGE: What challenge you wrote it for.
    AUTHOR: Your name or a group of names if it's co-written, or someone else's if you got permission from a non-LJ user to post something of theirs (or were asked to.)
    ORIGINAL SONG: What tune you're parodying.
    DISCLAIMER: That required thing saying such-and-such isn't yours.
    FILK: Put the rest of it there, of course. LJ-cuts are nice.
  • Promotions. Promoting of other filk communities or filk-related websites is okay once per-user per-month. Anyone promoting OT communities will be warned and the post will be removed, and any promotion of rating communities will instantly be removed.