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Challenge: Bad Musicals - Filk-A-Thon!

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WE ARE NERV, from Neon Genesis Evangelion - The Movie!
(To the tune of "Be Our Guest" by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman)

We are NERV! We are NERV!
It is mankind that we serve!
To your shelter, hurry up my friend,
And we'll defend with verve
We'll feed you hot hors d'oeuvres
while we throw Angels a curve
We'll rip out their vena cavas!
Don't believe me? Ask the Evas!

They can fight! They can dance!
Angels do not stand a chance!
Though our pilot may be something of a perv
So please don't show Shinji your underpants
And then he'll fight for NERV
Yes, for NERV! We are NERV!

Mighty blade and AT field,
that poor Angel's fate is sealed!
We ask just give us your trust
All our plans must stay unrevealed
If you act suspicious
We might have to get vicious

No use asking any questions
We don't need any suggestions
We know best, it's no act
We'll prevent a Third Impact
And it's all on the up-and-up back here at NERV!
We're just a defense force
We're on your side, of course
For we are NERV!
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