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Challenge: Bad Musicals Apr. 4th, 2005 @ 06:38 am
From the Lovecraft musical The Lion King In Yellow...

Cthulhu FhtagnCollapse )

A Glimpse of CthulhuCollapse )

The Stars Are RightCollapse )

Challenge: Bad Musicals Apr. 4th, 2005 @ 06:36 am
From Babylon 5 On Ice!
(To the tune of "One" from "A Chorus Line"; inspired by episode 120, "Babylon Squared")

Just finished space station
Floating there in neutral space
Day of activation
There's an unusual face
He says that his name is Zathras and he has news
He's taking Babylon Four for the One to use
It's for
A war against great darkness
At least
That's what He tells Zathras
He's the One!

About the aggravation
But He
Needs to have your station
He's the One!

Challenge: Bad Musicals Apr. 4th, 2005 @ 06:34 am
WE ARE NERV, from Neon Genesis Evangelion - The Movie!
(To the tune of "Be Our Guest" by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman)

We are NERV! We are NERV!
It is mankind that we serve!
To your shelter, hurry up my friend,
And we'll defend with verve
We'll feed you hot hors d'oeuvres
while we throw Angels a curve
We'll rip out their vena cavas!
Don't believe me? Ask the Evas!

They can fight! They can dance!
Angels do not stand a chance!
Though our pilot may be something of a perv
So please don't show Shinji your underpants
And then he'll fight for NERV
Yes, for NERV! We are NERV!

Mighty blade and AT field,
that poor Angel's fate is sealed!
We ask just give us your trust
All our plans must stay unrevealed
If you act suspicious
We might have to get vicious

No use asking any questions
We don't need any suggestions
We know best, it's no act
We'll prevent a Third Impact
And it's all on the up-and-up back here at NERV!
We're just a defense force
We're on your side, of course
For we are NERV!

Challenge? Apr. 4th, 2005 @ 01:51 am
Trying to start this community again, I figured it would be a good idea to post an April challenge (mod, delete this by all means if you wish).

Anyway, by majority in the last pole, the challenge is Bad Musicals. Have a blast.
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*nudges community gently* Apr. 1st, 2005 @ 11:55 pm
Hello? Is anyone still out there? I know this community's been dead for a while, but we had such a great response on the first challenge – shouldn't we have another?
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» I'm not sure if there's a current challenge that fits this, but...
Dear Santa (I Can Explain)
Music and Lyrics © 2004 P.F. Bruns. All rights reserved.

Allegro con formaggio

You probably know why I'm writing
This year's been so exciting
And except for one or two times I've been good
I'm sure a person of your station
Understands all the temptations
That can keep a kid my age from doing all the things I should

Dear Santa, I can explain
It's really not my fault
If I'm always good, then what's the point of bein' good at all
Don't mean to be a pain
That's never been my goal
I hope my minor past mistakes
Don't mean I'm gettin' coal

What's a snowball's chance
To cause an avalanche?
Till my throw went wide and hit the roof our snowfight was a blast
But the doc said Mrs. Guthrie
Will make a full recovery
And everyone was glad to come and sign her cast

Dear Santa, I can explain
Though my story seems bizarre
How can I know how far I've gone until I've gone too far?
I don't mean to be such trouble
I don't mean to raise a fuss
I hope that all my foolishness
Don't mean Christmas is a bust

Now I didn't understand it
But when the aliens landed
They went off exploring and didn't lock their flying saucer door
Guess my curiosity
Kinda got the best of me
And it livened up the Independence Day parade for sure

Dear Santa, I can explain
I'm really not that bad
But the times I get in trouble are the best times that I've had
Don't mean to start all this chaos
So I only have one wish
Try to look at all the good I did
And not the good I missed

After that I played it cool
Except the Jell-O in the pool
And the time I tried to super-glue the fur back on the dog
I learned a lot in school
Followed almost all the rules
In computer class I learned debugging doesn't require frogs

But for all the things I did
I'm still not too bad a kid
Just ask Officer Hernandez, 'cause he visits all the time
I know you may not be moved
But overall I have improved
If I'd sung this song last year I'd be on at least verse twenty-nine

Dear Santa, I can explain
It's really not my fault
If I'm always good, then what's the point of bein' good at all
Don't mean to raise no Cain
Make your list and check it twice
Just because I'm sometimes naughty
Doesn't mean that I'm not nice

[Repeat last two lines]
» Up on the housetop
Name: Up on the housetop
Fandom: Um, Dinosaurs maybe?
Challenge: Christmas Songs
Author: Ottercat
Original Song: Up on the houstop
Disclaimer: The original authors of Up on the Housetop do not know about this song, nor would they probably approve if they did.
Insanity follows....Collapse )
» This is my husband's fault.
Only Violent Femmes fans will get this. My apologies to them.
(You sort of have to fudge the scansion on this.)

"Christmas Off"

On the tenth day of Christmas, I'll take, 'cause they'll hurt me,
Ten for everything,
Nine for a lost god,
Eight, I forge-et,
Seven no tomorrow,
Six for my sorrow,
Fiiiive foooor myyyy loooooone-ly!
Four for my headaches,
Three for my heartache,
Two for my family,
A-and one, ca-ause you-ou left me!
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